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How to Maintenance Your Computer

In order to keep your computer running, We can clean-up. your System,  Computer accumulates a lot of junk in a lot of ways, and it can eventually slow your machine to a crawl.

Why computer is slow

To take advantage of our computer tune-ups, we ask you to only bring your system tower with your Operating System CD and Product Key. Please do not bring in cables or monitors. We also ask for a 2 day turn around. If it will be longer we will contact you. if you need help by Remote

How to Maintenance Your Computer
Remote optimisation

Remote optimisation

 • Full system diagnostic
• Optimize start-up programs
• Corruption diagnostic
• Check for hard drive errors
• Optimize file structure
• Organize desktop & shortcuts
• Optimize computer speed
• System upgrade ability
• Repair of all Windows errors
• Virus scan & clean
• Spyware scan & clean
• Windows updates and fixes
• Repair and optimization
• Full system data cleaning
• Internal and external cleaning
• Full fragmentation (to improve system speed)
• Full data back-up
• Format and reinstall Windows or Ubuntu

Learn from the very best

Our business does offer computer services to individuals, small businesses and start-ups. We provide a range of services and go above and beyond your expectations.

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